Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apple Tree Swarm

The bees are still swarming!  Here is a video of a swarm that landed in our apple tree yesterday.  I was out in the garden, picking the Calendula flowers that we use to make our soap, when I heard a lot of buzzing in the air.  Sure enough.... thousands of bees were abuzz in the air... just starting to land on the tree branch.  You can hear the buzzing in the video if you listen closely.  

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Baby Goats are here!

The baby goats have finally arrived! Our goat Gilly had two baby boys 2 weeks ago. They are doing great, and love running around, chasing each other. Our goat Honey is still pregnant, but we think she might go into labor today. It is a great time to come to visit the farm to see the babies, the bees, and Becky's produce as it is really beginning to take off. This past weekend she had beautiful greens for sale at Worthington and Clintonville... Arugula, Tatsoi, Red Choi, and a varietal Lettuce Mix. This coming weekend we will be back at the North Market as well. Hope to see you at a market this week!

Here is a short clip of the baby goats as they are hanging out on their "playground." Their names are Oscar (black) and Oliver (brown).